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How can I improve indoor air quality? How can I get the cleanest air in my home? What is acceptable indoor air quality? How can I tell if my home air quality is bad? Why is the air quality bad in my house?

We breathe up to 20,000 liters of air every day. Our indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than the air outdoors. The air we breathe every day whether office or home does matter to our daily health. Airborne illnesses may derive from within your filthy,  contaminated, poorly designed air ducts. Undersized air filters, poor air flow to furnace causing lingering disease and sickness. If you suffer from chronic indoor allergy or asthma symptoms call us today. Proven to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms from within your own home.

Environmental Indoor Health is a major problem in today's world. Many ducted HVAC Systems are poorly designed, incapacitated, unable to move air freely to all areas of our homes and offices.

Cleaning any ductwork is always a temporary fix. Why did dirt, dust, debris, sheetrock particles, dust mites, mice, animal dander, pop cans, household items accumulate inside our ductwork in the first place?

Think about it. Really? Your ductwork is not a trash can for debris!

Would we want our own “lungs” to be contaminated with dust, dirt, pet dander, household waste, debris, and garbage?

Our personnel has a lifetime of personal experience. We know a few things about air quality. We know Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Our certified IAQ experts serve Edina, Eden Prairie, Shakopee, Minnetonka, and the surrounding area.

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Far too many homes are causing major sickness, infections, and upper respiratory ailments. Especially during our winter months when all windows are closed.

Sick Building Syndrome

Unaware by its occupants and homeowners. The bad air inside your home may  cause upper respiratory disease, allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms, runny      nose, sneezing, headaches, fever, flu-like symptoms, and chronic fatigue. Many people have weakened immune systems which can cause lingering illnesses.

Especially when our buildings are airtight. Poor Ductwork Design is rampant and can cause major airflow problems. A widespread problem in many homes. Our air ducts shall never need cleaning if installed properly. The main cause of dirty, contaminated, and incapacitated air ducts and airflow problems. Found often in new construction and existing older homes.

The air we breathe really does matter to our daily health. Most importantly with our children in their early years of development. Many indoor materials may cause irritants that can have a direct effect on our own respiratory health.

EPA lists our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as the 4th largest environmental threat to our country and our families.

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We spend up to 90% of our day “indoors” within our homes and offices. Indoor allergens, dust mite feces, mildew, pathogens, viruses all become airborne. We breathe up to 60,000 forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi every day.

Our lungs are the primary organs for respiration. Their function is to transfer oxygen from the air we breathe into our bloodstream. Lack of oxygen can deprive our ability to function properly causing chronic fatigue and low energy in many people. Submicroscopic microbes or pathogens in the air we breathe can greatly affect and debilitate people with very weakened immune systems. Becoming lodged and inflammatory within our bronchial airways greatly restricts our ability to breathe. Healthy lungs have many important functions including the natural ability to clean our airways daily. Extremely important to our pulmonary health.

These cleaning mechanisms called “cilia” rapidly beating and sweeping away debris out of our lungs. ‘Motile’ (or moving) cilia are found in the lungs, respiratory tract, and middle ear. These cilia have a rhythmic waving or beating motion. Poor indoor air quality can affect many people differently.

They work, for instance, to keep our inner ear, eustachian tubes, and airways clear of mucus and dirt, allowing us to breathe easily and without irritation. Motile cilia and flagella are thin, membrane-covered extensions of certain cells that generate a regular, rapid in motion, beating waveform.

There are tiny hair-like structures called cilia in the lining of the passageways in the lungs that continually “sweep” debris up and out. The cough reflex is also designed to eliminate foreign matter from the lungs. Where the stuff goes depends on whether you spit out what you cough up or swallow it going into/through your digestive tract.

These mechanisms called “cilia” may be immotile, weakened, and damaged in some people. Breathing dust, chemicals, and smoke with many people can be intolerable with weakened immune and upper (respiratory) systems. Ask about our medical grade type, high-powered, nano-filtration systems for your home. Cleaning the air within your home up to 100x every day.

People with weakened immune systems can suffer greatly when pathogens become airborne. When this happens life-changing illnesses may occur such as a Chronic Cough, Congestion, Lingering Cold & Flu Symptoms, Sinus Irritation, Wheezing, Immotile Cilia Syndrome, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Ear Infections, PCD, Asthma, Allergy Symptoms, etc.

Potential Smoke, Chemicals and Indoor Airborne Irritants such as Pollen, Dust Mites, Dust Mite Feces, Insect Larva, Chronic Sinusitis, COPD and Emphysema, may be severe and debilitating in others with weakened immune systems. Especially with our very young and innocent children in their early developmental stages of life.

Harmful smoke from chimneys can re-enter homes to pollute the air in the home and neighborhood. In areas with contaminated groundwater or soils, volatile chemicals can enter buildings through the same process.

Our personnel has a lifetime of personal experience. We know a few things about air quality. We know INDOOR AIR QUALITY.

Our keen ability to understand your home is essential for a healthier home and family. Far too many homes suffer from poor air circulation. Our air ductwork is the highway to our lungs. Our circulatory system within our bodies provides critical movement of blood flow to function properly. Hence, of comparison to the airflow and pathways within our homes. What we breathe really does matter.

Think about it. Every year, during the winter season, we generally become sick in the winter months? Rarely during the summer? Our home is an airtight, bubble, trapping these very harmful contaminants indoors to include bacteria and insect feces which become airborne.

It is widely known that dust mite feces are living organisms that can compound rapidly. Leading health affiliations conclude that these widespread organisms cause Asthma. These pathogens include recycled airborne allergens, infectious bacteria, and contaminated air that contain insect feces. As we inhale these pathogens, they can restrict our ability to breathe. Including narrowing our airways within our bronchial tubes. Especially harmful in children with weakened immune systems, allergy, and asthma symptoms.