Should you run your air exchanger in the summer?                        HRV or ERV Air Exchangers? 
                        What does an air exchanger do in a house?                                       Does an air exchanger help with moisture on windows?
                        Are air exchangers worth it?                                                                  What is exhaust only house ventilation?  
                        What is the best air to air exchanger?                                                 Should you run your Air Exchanger in the winter?

Home too tight? Moisture trapped inside your home? What is Balanced Ventilation? Bath Fans running all the time? Frustrated? We have all the right answers. We Custom-Build your "balanced" ventilation system tailored for your unique home. Our exclusive air flow techniques provide optimum air flow from floor to floor, room by room. Feel immediate, permanent relief from decades of frustrating indoor comfort and temperature problems from within your home. 100% SATISFACTION. Call Today (952) 941-6049. Experience the Difference of a Lifetime.

Nortek Air Solutions, Venmar ® is a pioneer in air-to-air energy recovery ventilation, including energy recovery systems and dedicated outdoor systems. Mechanical ventilation systems are known as heat exchangers, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilators).

Air Exchangers include ERV or HRV for Home Ventilation. Exhaust bad, polluted, contaminated indoor air from your home to outdoors. Brings in fresh air to house. Air-to-air heat exchangers may prevent moisture damage from air tight homes. A real problem too. Air to Air Exchangers work by removing the stale indoor air out of your home and circulating in fresh air from outside. Exchangers use one single, small fan to exhaust bad indoor air outside, while another duct sucks fresh air into your home. Far too many home suffer from poor indoor air flow, circulation, temperature problems and excessive moisture issues.

Air Exchangers (HRV and ERV) generally work best during the winter heating season. Transfer of sensible heat or measured heat recovered and brought back into the home, rather than exhausted directly to outdoors. Saving energy. ERV air Exchangers recover latent heat or (moisture) from the house air stream and send directly to outdoors.  Air Exchangers are a very effective source of providing fresh air into home, while recovering heat energy back into home. We have all the right solutions to make your home breathe properly. Call Today. 952.941.6049